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Global Energy & Power dealmakers face significant market volatility while working through longer M&A processes than other sectors. How do they position for success while facing growing uncertainty?

  • 5 Steps to Becoming a Standout Seller

    In a buyer’s market, standout sellers work toward the best deal outcomes well before the due diligence process begins.

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  • 5 Energy & Power Trends to Watch

    As global transactions in energy and power experience significant decline, learn about the trends driving a new era in M&A.

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  • Your Questions Answered - Bonus Q&A from our Energy & Power Panel

    Additional audience questions we tackled in the follow up to our lively Energy & Power M&A webinar.


DatasiteOne For Energy & Power

How We Help Clients

Whether you are contemplating a sale, acquisition, restructuring or debt financing, our best-in-class data room, workflow tools, and service team help position you to securely share confidential information with other parties.

  • Debt Heavy? Here's One Way We Facilitate Restructuring and Debt Transactions

    DatasiteOne can help decrease deal vulnerability and optimize and accelerate the NPL process for you.

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  • How We Help Confidential Information Be Share-Ready

    Redaction for DatasiteOne is a powerful add-on capability to the DatasiteOne application. Learn more about integrated redaction.

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  • Texas Groundview: Private Equity Hold ‘Em

    Discover Texas Groundview: Private Equity Hold 'em and more of the latest M&A insight coverage from Merrill Corporation.

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  • Canada Groundview: Top 10 M&A Cities, Issues, and Trends

    Discover Canada Groundview: top 10 M&A cities, key trends and issues and more of the latest M&A insight coverage from Merrill Corporation.

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