The latest DatasiteOne release, dubbed Falcon, automates asset marketing, cuts redaction times in half, and allows at-a-glance project status and essential task completion with a single-click.

Building the Industry's Most Robust Deal Platform

DatasiteOne isn't just a deal room, it's a deal launchpad.

New Application

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DatasiteOne Marketing

Introducing DatasiteOne Marketing, the first and only product designed to automate and optimize your deal marketing.

  • Automate buyer outreach and engagement
  • Eliminate time-consuming emailing and follow up
  • Quickly identify and prioritize interested buyers
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New Enhancements

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Reduce the Redaction Distraction

DatasiteOne Diligence is the only solution with fully integrated tools that cut your redaction time in half.

  • Search and see redaction suggestions for words, phrases, and even images
  • Redact across all documents and file types, including flattened PDFs
  • Unredact in seconds, across an entire project, once legal approves
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See project status at-a-glance

Complete most important tasks with a single click

  • Get quick updates with activity feed
  • Flag key actions to progress deal
  • Invite new users to a project faster

DatasiteOne Falcon Release Webinar: The Future of the M&A Lifecycle

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DatasiteOne Overview of Falcon Release

Get the full overview of all items made available in the Falcon release.

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DatasiteOne Marketing

Understand how you can get started optimizing your deal marketing.

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Redaction for DatasiteOne Diligence

Learn how our latest innovation will enable you to spend less time redacting and more time moving your deal forward.

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Landing Page for DatasiteOne

See how easily you can spot progress across all your deals and move from deal marketing to due diligence in seconds.

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