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DatasiteOne Marketing is the first solution focused on optimizing and automating the early stage asset marketing process.

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Optimizing the Asset Marketing Process

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Key Features of DatasiteOne Marketing:

Automate all Activities in one App

DatasiteOne Marketing streamlines all aspects of the asset marketing process. From creating a new project and importing buyers and contacts to executing outreach activities to managing NDAs, sending out CIMs and receiving bids, DatasiteOne Marketing streamlines every key activity in the asset marketing process.

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Set up a New Project in Seconds

Starting a new asset marketing project is as easy as clicking a button. Once started, you can quickly populate it with buyers and contacts from a centralized database of all buyers and contacts used on previous projects. Then, with a few clicks, you can add deal team members to collaborate on the project. That's it! No more manually creating an Excel Tracker and manually populating it with buyers and contacts.

Integrated Buyer Tracker

See that status of your project all in one place with the Buyer Tracker. On one screen we integrate key project metrics including number of buyers who have received a teaser, how many are negotiating NDAs and number sent a CIM. In addition, the Buyer Tracker includes a table you can search, filter and sort on listing details of every buyer in the project.

Centrally Manage All Project NDAs

Send, track and revise all NDAs in one place. From the Buyer NDAs screen you can see overall metrics at a glance. Visualizations show how many NDAs have been signed, are in negotiation and declined, as well as how many are with buyers vs sellers. In addition a table view in the Buyer NDAs screen lets you search, filter and sort on NDA activities of individual buyers.

Save Hours Creating and Sending Emails

Outreach to large groups of buyer contacts is often a time-consuming process. No more, with DatasiteOne Marketing. Whether you need to send one message or one hundred, our email capability makes it fast and easy - with features like dynamic fields, embedded signatures, custom watermarking and automatic addressing of messages, you get back hours of your day so you can focus on the deal.

Fast, Custom Watermarking

Watermarking CIMs, teasers and other key documents used in marketing an asset is laborious task. However, with DatasiteOne Marketing you can watermark as many documents as needed all in seconds. DatasiteOne Marketing's watermarking capability provides support for custom text, different opacity levels and the ability to include the buyer company name.

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View Bid Activity in One Place

DatasiteOne Marketing lets you store and see all bid related activity in one place. A table view lets you see at a glance all bid and EBITDA ranges in real time. In addition, the Buyer Tracker screen lets you sort and filter individual buyer activities occurring in real time so you can determine the highest priorities to focus on.

One Click Buyer Tracker Export Report

Generate a buyer tracker Excel report with a single click from the Buyer Tracker screen. Branded with your bank's logo, the buyer tracker Excel report includes a race track, activity summary and full detail level history of activities on the project.

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