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Merrill Corporation

Q & A

What happens during Q & A?

A central element of comprehensive due diligence for potential buyers of any asset is to ask questions of the seller to gain clarity about the asset under consideration. These questions may arise as a result of information contained on documents in a data room, or perhaps are critical questions of which the buyer requires an answer before making a decision on whether or not to move forward with the transaction.

What's the best way to manage Q & A?

Historically Q & A was managed in an off-line process through email and updating of an Excel spreadsheet. Our own statistics demonstrate that nearly 500 questions are asked by prospective buyers on every data room project, meaning that managing Q & A offline introduced additional time and unnecessary risk to an already complex due diligence process.

After pioneering Q & A functionality to virtual data room technology in 2006, deal professionals using Merrill Datasite, and now DatasiteOne, quickly recognize the efficiencies that could be gained by having a central location, inside the virtual data room, where they could not only establish question and answer teams, but directly manage question and answer workflow. This has nearly eliminated off-line processes.