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Platform Architecture

My IT department has questions about DatasiteOne – what should I tell them?

DatasiteOne delivers robust capabilities to authorize, control and monitor access – all while enabling efficient internal collaboration and seamless reviewer access that is critical to a deal’s success.


Merrill’s proactive security posture consists of three elements:

  1. Using advanced security technology across the development, testing and operational stages.
  2. Aligning security functionality with industry best practices.
  3. Rigorous implementation of security protocols.


DatasiteOne puts the VDR administrator in charge of access controls with an array of authentication and permission options, ensuring the data security chain.

  • Automatic and periodic password reset controls
  • Permission management at the user, group and document levels


Merrill developed the DatasiteOne architecture and engineering based on best-in-class practices.

  • Presentation layer, application processing and data management functions subject to logical abstraction
  • Coding conducted using SANS and OWASP guidelines
  • Vulnerability scanning and penetration testing of applications conducted at regular intervals.

Additional information on data, systems, network and infrastructure security as well as global regulatory compliance can be found at this link - DatasiteOne Security Overview

What is Merrill DatasiteOne?

Merrill DatasiteOne virtual data room (VDR) is not only the pioneer in the industry – it’s the future of virtual data room technology. Get up and running smoothly and sooner than anticipated. Exponentially improve collaboration. Find what you need faster. Conduct due diligence for IPOs, mergers or acquisitions, or handle bankruptcy filings with speed, airtight security and 100% accuracy. Create critical document repositories and manage intellectual property and assets with precision and confidence. DatasiteOne is more than a VDR. It is peace of mind.

Is the DatasiteOne interface available in different languages?

Business is global – and so are we. Merrill DatasiteOne is localized in 14 languages (English - US, English - Anglicised, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Japanese, Korean, French, German, Spanish, Swedish, Italian, Turkish, Polish, Russian, Brazilian Portuguese).

What is content staging?

Flexible publish and unpublish settings allow DatasiteOne Project Administrators to stage and review content in an unpublished state prior to opening it up to Reviewers (i.e., buyers).

What makes the DatasiteOne platform architecture leading edge technology?

Our new, modern and cutting edge architecture utilizes microservices and APIs allowing us to make updates quickly and easily. Gone are the days of quarterly product releases, weekend or overnight blackout periods – our goal is continuous innovation and continuous delivery (CICD) of new features and functions to our users. We deploy new code daily so users are continuously working with the latest version.

What are microservices and APIs?

Merrill DatasiteOne's microservices architecture enables continuous delivery and deployment of new features by structuring an application as a suite of independently deployable, modular services. This makes the application easier to understand, develop, test and deploy.

An application program interface (API) is a set of routines, protocols and tools for building software applications that connect and define how software components interact. APIs make it easier for developers to use certain technologies to build applications.

How is Merrill utilizing Microsoft technology in Merrill DatasiteOne?

Merrill DatasiteOne is a secure SaaS application that runs on top of Microsoft’s Azure® Cloud Services, leveraging the power and security of the Azure secure cloud computing platform and infrastructure. It is the foundation of our ability to host the DatasiteOne application in the cloud.

In addition to Merrill’s security protocols and access controls, Merrill DatasiteOne benefits from Microsoft’s $1B market-leading security investments. Microsoft Azure gives Merrill the agility to grow quickly to meet customer demand and experiment with new features.

What makes search so much faster and precise in Merrill DatasiteOne?

We utilize Elasticsearch, the most powerful enterprise search engine. It is built on modern principles aimed at today's use cases allowing us to handle large document repositories while providing unprecedented search speed.

Merrill DatasiteOne introduces a new, modern user interface and enhanced user experience. How will that benefit Project Adminstrators and Users?

DatasiteOne was built with constant feedback from more than 1,200 acutal users, giving real-world insight to help us deliver a powerful user-friendly experience.

The streamlined user interface makes it easier than ever to quickly and easily build your data room for faster dealmaking. Built from the ground up, we have optimized every part of the application from logging in for the first time, to closing your project when the deal closes. You'll discover unparalleled ease of use, faster response times and a more engaging data room experience with DatasiteOne.