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File & Folder Management

Can anyone load files to my DatasiteOne project?

Adding files to your project can be executed by anyone in a Project Administrator role. In addition, DatasiteOne features a Limited Site Administrator role. Users with these permissions have some file management capabilities, including upload, rename, move and delete.

How do I start a new project?

Once a SOW is signed, a Merrill project manager is assigned immediately. In a matter of minutes, they will have your project provisioned and ready for you to begin uploading documents, setting permissions and inviting users.

How much space does my team get?

There are no file storage limitations. DatasiteOne has hosted projects with hundreds of thousands of pages, and hundreds of GB.

How long will it take before my project is ready for me to load documents?

Once we receive a signed statement of work, a Merrill Project Manager is assigned to your project immediately. They begin work right away to have your project ready for initial document upload in a matter of minutes.

What is new about setting document and user permissions in Merrill DatasiteOne?

Merrill DatasiteOne introduces a new, powerful security grid for easily assigning cascading permissions across the entire document collection and multiple roles at one time. Coupled with an intuitive graphical user interface, this means that site administrators can visually compare project, folder and individual file settings while reducing mistakes during the sensitive permission setting process.

Is there a limit to the document upload size? How fast do documents load to a project?

Merrill DatasiteOne product engineers have revolutionized the document upload process. Upload multiple documents simultaneously with up to 400% faster document processing than other solutions in the market. The current maximium upload size for an individual file is 2GB with a 50GB limit for zip files.