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Merrill Corporation

Access & Compatibility

What browsers are supported?

DatasiteOne operates seamlessly on the following browsers: Google Chrome for Windows or Mac, Mozilla FireFox for Windows and Mac, Microsoft Internet Explorer (version 10 or newer), Microsoft Edge.

Will DatasiteOne work with a Mac?

Yes. DatasiteOne is device and browser agnostic.

Can I be connected to DatasiteOne when I am working from home or a location out of the office?

Yes. DatasiteOne is a secure web-based app.

Does DatasiteOne support Offline access if my site had intermittent internet connection?

An internet connection is required to access the DatasiteOne due diligence app.

Is Merrill DatasiteOne technology compatible with my company’s IT network?

Yes! One benefit of using our SaaS application for due diligence is that the need for IT infrastructure is eliminated. There are no downloads or add-ons necessary to use or access Merrill Datasite.

Does DatasiteOne require any add-ons or plug-ins?

No! There are no downloads or plug-ins needed for the Merrill DatasiteOne application. Everything you need is build into the SaaS app.

Is my DatasiteOne project accessible from any Web browser?

Yes! Merrill DatasiteOne can be accessed from anywhere in the world, on any Web browser and on any web-enabled device.