Merrill DataSite Pricing

Know exactly what you’ll pay when you choose Merrill DataSite. Unlike most other virtual data room providers, we offer total-cost pricing, which is transparent—no surprise add-ons, zero hidden costs.

With Merrill DataSite, you’ll get:

  • Grace period during initial set up

    Feel free to experiment while setting up your data room. There's no charge for any documents you remove before going live in the first month.

  • Service included

    Project management services, available 24/7/365, along with any training you need, are all included.

  • Free custom archive

    Typically within 48 hours of project closure, Merrill ships a complete archive of your VDR with all user information and Q&A activity included.

DataSite sales

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Datasite Contacts

Current DataSite users

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Technical Support

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