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Improve outcomes by connecting the right message to the right audience at the right time to drive client engagement and sales enablement.

Relieving the Burden of Fact Sheet Creation

The process of efficiently and accurately creating fact sheets can be a struggle for asset management firms. Learn how leveraging an intelligent dynamic publishing platform can streamline document creation and reduce costs.

Merrill Connect provides a single platform to store all your marketing collateral, making it easy for your teams to effectively manage inventories, revisions and versions of existing material, prioritize needs for additional material and re-use existing marketing assets. Allow your entire organization to access brand- and compliance-approved content with easy search and filtering that matches the right content to the right audience based on suitability and business rules.

Save time

Streamline internal processes and eliminate labor-intensive processes to manually create marketing and communications for wholesalers, advisors and investors.

Gain efficiencies

Optimize the production of materials as well as inventories, fulfillment and reordering. Merrill Connect provides controls to prevent over-ordering and storage of materials.

Robust reporting

Strengthen business intelligence with robust reporting that helps determine impact on ROI and relationships.

We can help you with:

  • Product material
  • Sales material
  • Education material
  • Fact sheets
  • Guides
  • White papers
  • Commentary
  • Sales presentations

An intuitive content automation platform that improves the speed and lowers the cost of creating, formatting, validating and disseminating distinctive fund fact sheets all while ensuring accuracy. Merrill Connect Dynamic Publishing redefines productivity by generating fact sheets in a matter of minutes versus days with a 20% reduction in authoring and review time. Upload data or change shared content and watch it instantly update everywhere it is shared — reducing errors and increasing efficiencies.

Data upload made easy

Upload your data and watch the right data immediately map to the right documents.

Powerful document assembly

Aggregate and normalize record keeping and third-party data to facilitate highly personalized enrollment kits, providing a core focus on data integrity.

Real-time preview

Instantly watch your fact sheet populate as you add or update your content and data.

Fact sheets with style

We can accommodate the most sophisticated template styles and designs to represent your brand. 

Charts that command attention

Creates more than 100 types of eye-catching charts with easy to interpret labels and legends.

Collaboration made simple

Enables departments and authors to simultaneously edit, comment, track and perfect content.

Multiple out formats in one step

Produces output of your financial document for print, web and other digital devices.

Partnership with Consultative Experts

Our in-house team of experts establish a true, ongoing partnership with our clients from the initial meeting, through onboarding and implementation.

We can help you with:


  • Fact Sheets
  • Fund Guides
  • Commentaries
  • Performance Bulletins/Sheets
  • Scorecards
  • Global Research Exhibits
  • Portfolio Summaries
  • Retirement readiness report card
  • Pitchbooks
  • Proposals
  • Fee Disclosures


  • Statutory Prospectuses
  • Summary Prospectuses
  • Statements of Additional Information
  • Performance Bulletins/Sheets
  • Scorecards
  • Supplements ("Stickers")


Create an engaging participant enrollment experience online and offline from a single platform. Combine static, re-usable content with plan-specific provisions and participant data to create robust and meaningful, personalized plan communications. Deliver your communications in a multimedia format, utilizing microsites with video and web content or leveraging Merrill’s world-class print and production capabilities to create kits that stand out.

Integrated platform

Streamline the production, fulfillment and distribution of all components within your enrollment kits through a single compliance-driven environment.

On-the-fly kitting

State-of-the-art kitting functionality reduces the manual process, eliminates obsolescence and gains efficiencies by building the kits on the fly.

Data integrity

Aggregate and normalize record keeping and third-party data to facilitate highly personalized enrollment kits, providing a core focus on data integrity.

Ensure accuracy

Advanced tracking and quality controls throughout the creation, production and distribution process ensure accuracy of all enrollment communications.

Create multi-channel campaigns—from email marketing to direct mail—on a single platform. Connect your CRM to segment advisors or end customers and target them with content that matches their needs or interests. Robust reporting allows you to track activity in real time and report back to your CRM to maintain a full customer view.

Integrated solution

Integrated marketing campaign management delivers personalized direct mail, email, surveys and interactive documents. Optimize your contact mix across segments, channels and products.

Maximize marketing impact

Gain investor and advisor insight through relevant, campaign-specific analytics and effective lead capture forms. Boost response rates and deliver a personalized experience.

Streamline efforts

From personalized, one-to-one communication to multi-step, lead-nurturing campaigns, we can help streamline direct marketing efforts and maximize campaign results with dynamic, interactive visual messaging.

Interactive communications

Transform static documents into dynamic, one-to-one communications that can be securely viewed anywhere, any time. Engage your audience with hyperlinks, video streaming and social sharing.

We can help you with:

  • Trigger emails
  • Direct mail
  • Email campaigns
  • Drip campaigns
  • Newsletters
  • Commentary
  • White papers

Empower your distribution teams—from wholesalers to advisors—to access marketing content with easy search and navigation. Unlock productivity by providing content and analytics through easy-to-use tools that help your distribution channel stay in touch with clients and prospects. You provide the content—newsletters, campaign templates, market commentaries, sales ideas and practice management pieces—and users can select their recipients, add a personal message and send instantly via email or mail.

Effective distribution

Use online templates and wizards on specific promotional and brand management materials your sales team can send once or on a regular basis—such as drip campaigns or newsletters.

Centralized repository

With Merrill Connect, your sales team will have confidence that they can always access up-to-date content all in one place.

Mobile access

Give your sales team and distribution partners easy access to sales and marketing content any time, anywhere, on any device so they can call up relevant content in any sales conversation.

Customized materials

Using a simple interface, your distribution partners can prepopulate material with their name, logo and photos, and further customize for specific clients and plans, based on your guidelines.

We can help you with:

  • Stay-in-touch campaigns
  • Product and sales materials
  • Proposals
  • Plan reviews
  • Drip marketing
  • Personalized and branded marketing

Merrill supports data-driven documents such as account notices, policy communications, welcome kits and fee disclosures—seamlessly merging content and data to distribute to your clients electronically or in print. Manage your most sensitive client data leveraging our highly secure technology and processes. Our advanced data management and integrity manufacturing process allow you to create personal and confidential client communications with efficiency and peace of mind.

One-to-one, one-to-many marketing

Merrill aggregates and normalizes data and content from multiple sources to create regulatory communications for a single individual or mass mailing, saving you time and ensuring accuracy.

Accurate, targeted communications

Advanced tracking and quality controls throughout the creation, production and distribution process ensure accuracy in all of your communications.

Quality translations

Merrill can translate more than 125 languages using certified quality-assurance processes.

Extensive tracking

Deliver accurate, highly detailed levels of tracking throughout the entire production process. Track at the record, page and piece level, resulting in transparency of all communication components.

We can help you with:

  • Notices and disclosures
  • Account/policy information
  • Welcome kits
  • Termination/transition kits
  • Contract renewals
  • Summary plan descriptions

Maximize your sales events with a single portal to manage your marketing resources. Store, organize and order materials and branded promotional items. Create campaigns and mailings to promote your event. Distribute digitally or via direct mail, and provide compliance-approved presentations that can be customized according to your parameters. Most importantly, you can track all costs and activity to get a true picture of your ROI.

Real-time personalization

Create and order personalized event content and imagery within your approved marketing collateral. Customize materials by inserting your contact and event information and uploading a map with real-time proofing.

Instant updates and alerts

Get up-to-the-minute updates from your guests’ RSVPs, form responses, event comments and email tracking. You can even set up custom email alerts for the important items.

We can help you with:

  • Branded collateral
  • Promotional items
  • Event flyers
  • Event invitations

Take control of your forms by putting them all in one place, enabling quick and easy access for faster sales and processing through the use of intelligent forms with auto-fill functionality, eDelivery and eSignature. What used to take weeks can now be accomplished in hours, speeding up the sales cycle exponentially.

End-to-end solution

Integration with eSignature furnishes you with an end-to-end solution that starts with creation and delivery and includes execution and processing.

Accurate, enhanced process

Streamline workflows by automating business processes to create fillable fields in a PDF so data can get added and removed. Increase accuracy, enhance efficiencies and reduce costs associated with hand-written forms.

Optimized customer experience

Improve customers’ experience by guiding users through the form completion process.

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