Merrill Connect for 508 Compliance

Bringing documentation into Section 508 compliance may seem like a small task in your everyday communications, but it still burdens your resources – money, personnel and time.

That’s why health insurance plans are turning to Merrill Corporation to provide them with a single source, integrated solution designed to manage all their 508 PDF Compliance needs. Whether it’s a single or multiple page document, your PDF will deliver high quality reading and navigation results.

508 Remediation

This video shows the difficulties a disabled person faces when a document that is not fully 508 compliant is read aloud by Adobe.

For 508 Compliance

With more than 10 million visually impaired American’s it is vital your documents are equally accessible for all your members to ensure the highest customer satisfaction. Merrill can make certain your documents are fully compliant with Section 508 and ACA Section 1557.

Comprehensive Services

We offer both manual and automated solutions to tag and remediate your member communications. Our experts work with you one-on-one to choose the solution that best fits your needs.

Gain efficiencies

Optimize the production of Section 508 and Section 1557 documents by utilizing our integrated solutions to ensure document accessibility.

508 compliant PDF automation

Automate the creation of 508 compliant PDFs via a single HIPAA/PHI compliance-driven environment and reduce your costs up to 35% over legacy manual processes. In a matter of minutes we can create thousands of 508 complaint documents.

Accelerated Time to Market

Whether it’s an 8-page or 200-page document Merrill delivers your documents on-time with high-quality reading and navigation results.


Deep expertise

Merrill’s in-house ADA and 508 compliance experts understand your documents and stay current with upcoming regulations that affect your member communications.

Ensure Accuracy

Our 508 PDF conversion and validation process ensures your documents are not only tagged but contain the proper navigation needed to meet all the remediation requirements. Our quality controls follow the CMS 508 requirements checklist to ensure every PDF is accurate and compliant.

We can help you with:

  • Annual Notice of Change (ANOC)
  • Evidence of Coverage (EOC)
  • Member Handbooks
  • Riders
  • Product Catalogs
  • Health and Wellness Prevention
  • Newsletters
  • Prescription Drug Benefit Manual
  • Comprehensive Formulary or Abridged Formulary
  • Any PDF Posted to Your Website

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