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  • How do I save my work?

    For a checked out Section file, the user can select “Save Section File” or “Save & Check-in the Section.” The former action will save the file as work in progress, while the latter will release the file.

  • How are revisions tracked in Merrill Bridge?

    Since you're working in a Merrill Bridge-enhanced version of Microsoft® Word, you can continue to use most of the native functions of Word as you have always used them—including “Track Changes.” Merrill Bridge also allows you to save a version of your document to your local environment as a milestone, using any naming convention you establish. With Merrill Bridge, only users given rights to your folio will be able to see your tracked comments.

  • What if I make a change in an embedded table? Will that be reflected if Track Changes has been activated?

    Tables are not embedded in Merrill Bridge. However, when Track Changes is turned on, changes made within a table will be marked.

  • Are links between data points maintained if a new row or column is added in a table?

    Yes—this is a specific strength of the Merrill Bridge platform. When updating an existing table, all links to multiple occurrences of the same data point are maintained so that updating in one place updates everywhere. Where new columns or rows are added, linking is maintained throughout those changes.

  • Does Merrill Bridge have the ability to show version updates?

    Yes. Using the power of Microsoft® Word, users will be able to view previous versions of the documents that have been saved to their local environment. They will also be able to completely revert to an older version of their document. If you forget to save a version, it's not a problem. Merrill Bridge's customer support can provide an earlier saved version.

  • Am I able to view Merrill Bridge using multiple screens?

    Yes. Since you're using a Merrill Bridge-enhanced version of Microsoft® Word, you can view your work in all of the existing formats, including multipage across two screens. In addition, the functional tools added by Merrill Bridge can be displayed within the document screen—or "popped out" and moved to a second screen to allow for a larger working area.

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