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Merrill Datasite and The Growth Stage partner to create the first digital platform, bringing together private Growth Stage companies, 10 of the world's leading professional advisory firms and access to over $4 TN of institutional assets

Oct 17, 2018

UK-based company challenges the established model with highly competitive fee: just 1 per cent of funds raised

Unique platform, exclusively for regulated institutional investors, authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority

The Growth Stage, in partnership with Merrill Datasite, has launched the world’s first funding platform for private growth companies to raise investment capital from regulated institutional investors. The company has signed up investors with over $4tn of assets under management, from pension funds, retail funds, hedge funds through to sovereign wealth funds and family offices.

Headquartered in London, The Growth Stage has been designed exclusively to marry the increasing demand from institutional investors around the world, to invest in high-growth, scale-up companies, and for those companies to seek alternative sources of capital.

In addition, to create a truly unique ecosystem, The Growth Stage has also specifically selected and partnered with 10 of the world’s leading professional advisers, including Merrill Datasite, offering its members essential global business services and deal transaction expertise.

Rusty Wiley, Chief Executive Officer, Merrill Datasite, said, “In any funding deal, secure and efficient collaboration on highly sensitive content is critical. Our focus is providing clients with innovative applications that accelerate deal velocity, backed by industry-leading customer service. We have great passion for the industry and are excited to be a professional advisor for The Growth Stage.”

Directly challenging the traditional model by removing the barriers to access alternative sources of financing, The Growth Stage has no joining fee for private companies or institutional investors, and charges only 1% of funds raised – a highly competitive rate compared to alternative approaches to fund raising.

Simon Stewart, Co-Founder and CEO, The Growth Stage, said: “Traditionally, it has been very costly and difficult for private growth companies to not only get access to institutional investors to help finance the next stage of their growth, but also have access to the right professional advice and services. A global platform enabling institutional investors and private growth companies to meet, and funds to be raised at low cost didn’t exist, and this is exactly why we have created The Growth Stage.”

The Growth Stage is a unique platform, exclusively for institutional investors, authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority and has been designed for primary and secondary equity and debt investments.

The Growth Stage is focusing on scale-up rather than start-up situations, where private companies are looking to raise more than $10 million. The company is on track to see a number of funding rounds completed in its first quarter.

About The Growth Stage:

Headquartered in London, The Growth Stage was founded in 2017 as the world’s first digital platform designed to meet the increasing demand for institutional investors globally to invest in private, high-growth, scale-up companies, and for those companies to seek alternative sources of capital. The Growth Stage enables primary and secondary equity and debt funding. The private companies that The Growth Stage is bringing to investors typically require at least $10 million in funding, for Series A-Z stages of development. Investee companies pay The Growth Stage one per cent of the value of the funds raised, which is highly competitive compared to the fees associated with alternative fund-raising channels. There is no charge for companies seeking investment to join the platform nor for institutional investors. The company is backed by a team of leading advisers, providing companies seeking funds with the professional services support they need to generate the required capital and take their companies to the next stage. The partner advisers are: Acuris Risk Intelligence, EY, Gallagher, Merrill Datasite, Sage, The&Partnership, Travers Smith, WeWork, World First and WSGR.

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