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Merrill Corporation Honored During 2016 LACP Vision Awards Annual Report Competition

Aug 16, 2017

Merrill Corporation was recently honored with several awards at the 2016 Vision Awards Annual Report Competition, hosted by the League of American Communications Professionals (LACP). This annual award competition showcases reports from the previous year that contain exceptional characteristics that set them apart. The 2016 Vision Awards Annual Report Competition drew one of the largest numbers of submissions ever, representing a broad range of industries and organizational sizes. Nearly 1,000 entries were accepted in this year’s competition.

Merrill Corporation Honored 2016 LACP Vision Awards

In total, Merrill Corporation took home eight awards for its creative approach to printing corporate reports for its valued clients throughout 2016. These include Gold Awards and numerous recognitions of formidable contributions to industry.

The CRRC Corporation Limited’s Annual Report for 2016, which highlights the group’s concept “Connect Hearts, Connect the World” was one of Merrill's two big winners, with three awards. The stand-out feature of this printing is the cover that showcases world landmarks and a train capable of traveling throughout all of them thanks to its clever design. The wheel also features pictures of CRRC staff and achievements, exposed throughout 360 degrees of continuous accomplishment.

Merrill’s other outstanding contribution to annual report publishing in 2016 was the Yuzhou Properties Company Limited’s book which inspires its readers to “unlock the prosperous future” and gives them the key with which to do so. The cover’s two-layered effect presents a window within a key that lets viewers partially see a city and more importantly properties, the use of which (the opening of the book) unlocks a full city ripe with opportunities. This metaphor also features a rough, textured paper surrounding the smooth ink of the key. This report took home "Best Report Cover" along with four additional honors.

The LACP is an international professional organization whose annual report award is highly respected within the industry. Each award year attracts participation from organizations in countries around the world. The award, judged by senior media members, gives consideration to overall style, cover design, report readability and the financial aspect. It is a recognition of the creativity, artistry and information practicality of annual report production by Merrill Corporation.

Our Awards Include:

CRRC Corporation Limited Annual Report 2016
Gold Award
Top 80 Reports, Asia Pacific
Top 40 Chinese Reports

Yuzhou Properties Company Limited Annual Report 2016
Gold Award
Best Report Cover
Top 100 Reports, Worldwide
Top 80 Reports, Asia Pacific
Top 40 Chinese Reports

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