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Merrill Corporation Awarded XBRL Certified Software Status for its Merrill Bridge Product

Nov 07, 2017

Merrill Corporation, a global provider of secure content sharing, regulated communications and disclosure services, announced today that it has been awarded the prestigious XBRL Certified Software status for its Merrill Bridge product, becoming one of the first global XBRL Certified Software vendors. Merrill received this recognition at XBRL International’s Data Amplified Conference in Paris, taking place from November 6-8.

XBRL Software Certification Release

“This Certified Software vendor recognition, combined with our industry-leading depth and breadth of XBRL expertise and unparalleled levels of XBRL senior-level talent, is yet further tangible evidence of our commitment to data quality and excellence,” said Lou Rohman, Merrill’s VP, XBRL Services. “For our global customers who use the Merrill Bridge platform, this accreditation provides an independent, third party validation of our conformance with XBRL specifications, a clear product and competitive differentiator. We’re very pleased to receive this recognition.”

The XBRL International Software Certification Program allows compliant software to obtain and display an annual accreditation confirming its conformance to the XBRL specifications. By selecting XBRL Certified Software, users can be confident that the software has been tested using the comprehensive conformance suites that XBRL International uses to ensure interoperability between XBRL software products.

Certified software can be identified by the XBRL Certified Software logo, and by use of the XBRL Certified Software trademark. In order to verify the authenticity of the software, valid uses of the logo link to a “certificate page” on the site. This page confirms the full details of the tests conducted and shows whether the certification for the software application in question is still up-to-date.

"XBRL software certification makes it easier for everyone involved in 21st century corporate, regulatory and enterprise reporting to ensure that information that is prepared in one place using a certified software package can be accurately and seamlessly consumed in another,” said John Turner, CEO of XBRL International. “Our certification builds confidence among those relying on the software – such as issuers, accountants, service providers and regulators – to make XBRL-tagged data easily usable across multiple platforms.”

About Merrill Corporation

Merrill Corporation provides technology-enabled platforms for secure content sharing, regulated communications and disclosure services. Clients trust Merrill’s innovative applications and deep subject expertise to successfully navigate the secure sharing of their most sensitive content, perfect and distribute critical financial and regulatory disclosures, and create customized communications across stakeholders. With more than 3,000 people in 34 locations worldwide, clients turn to Merrill when their need to manage complex content intersects with the need to collaborate securely around the globe.


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