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Post-BREXIT Financial Uncertainty: Experts examine the long-term effect on the M&A markets

Jun 30, 2016

In the run-up to the European Union (EU) referendum held on 23 June in Great Britain, The M&A Advisor, a financial services think tank, and Merrill Corporation, a financial services information management company, published an exclusive industry risk report. The research process engaged over 600 leading financial services industry professionals in the UK and 34 countries around the world through survey and 12 industry stalwarts by interview to opine on the effects of the vote on M&A, Private Equity (PE) and High Yield Bond (HY) investment.

While the veteran experts interviewed for our report largely agreed with the statistical findings of our initial survey, almost all of them did not believe it likely that the UK would actually vote to leave the European Union. However, what to many in the markets was an unthinkable outcome, has come to pass.

Hear insights from six stalwart investors and advisors on the transition of uncertainty from the voting decision to the uncertainty in the preparation for and timeline of the actual departure from the EU.


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