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Merrill Corporation Forms XBRL Center for Data Quality with Industry Service Providers

Jun 25, 2015

St. Paul, Minn. — Merrill Corporation (, a global leader in secure content sharing, regulated communications and compliance services, today announced it has formed an alliance with other companies and XBRL US to establish the XBRL US Center for Data Quality (the Center). The Center will channel support and action through the XBRL US Data Quality Committee to further improve the quality and usability of XBRL financial data currently being reported to the SEC.

“We are extremely pleased to have Merrill as a founding member of the Center,” said Campbell Pryde, XBRL US President. “Merrill has been a strong and valued proponent of improving XBRL quality.”

“Merrill has focused on XBRL quality in our clients’ filings since the SEC mandate in 2009. Merrill has the depth of XBRL knowledge and expertise that are key ingredients in the Center’s mission to improve quality,” said Lou Rohman, Vice President of XBRL Services at Merrill Corporation. “We are pleased the industry as a whole has come together to focus on quality in this manner, and believe this will be beneficial to filers, investors, the SEC, and data aggregators who desire better XBRL quality across all company filings.”

Merrill’s leadership in the development of XBRL standards by the Center, coupled with a history of innovative technology solutions and unmatched XBRL and EDGAR expertise, further solidifies its position as the industry leader in financial disclosure management. The formation of the Center comes at an ideal time, with companies rapidly adopting the Merrill Bridge platform to manage the creation of their disclosure content and submissions to the SEC.

About Merrill Bridge

Merrill Bridge ( is a leading disclosure management platform that allows clients to input, edit, collaborate, manage workflow, review, create XBRL instance files, assemble EDGAR submissions and transmit files to the SEC.

About Merrill Corporation

Merrill Corporation provides technology-enabled platforms for secure content sharing, regulated communications and compliance services. Clients trust Merrill’s innovative applications and deep subject expertise to successfully navigate the secure sharing of their most sensitive content, perfect and distribute critical financial and regulatory disclosures, and create customized communications across stakeholders. With more than 3,000 people in 34 locations worldwide, clients turn to Merrill when their need to manage complex content intersects with the need to collaborate securely around the globe.


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