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Navigate Life Sciences with Merrill DataSite

Experience matters, especially in an industry as varied and complex as life sciences. Opportunities can materialize in a matter of days, or slowly over the course of many months.


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  • 06/13/2017


    M&A Forecaster issue 2 - May 2017

    Capital Transactions | M&A, Reorganizations & Exchanges | Merrill DataSite®

    Welcome to the May 2017 edition of the Merrill Deal Forecaster, a unique set of insights into future M&A activity based on Merrill’s majority share of financial due diligence projects.


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  • 05/31/2017


    Webinar Playback: Executing Effective M&A in the Emerging Healthcare Sector

    M&A, Reorganizations & Exchanges | Merrill DataSite®

    Did you miss our recent webinar or looking to view the playback in which our panel of M&A experts discussed current trends in the Healthcare sector and how to identify and capitalize on the opportunities in this sector


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  • Brochure

    Comply with Section 508 Without Jeopardizing Accuracy

    Healthcare Member Communications

    Merrill is offering a complimentary review of up to 5 PDF documents for compliance with Section 508 and 1557. Don’t delay! Find out now if you’re in compliance.


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  • 04/06/2017


    How the SEC Enforcement Division Uses Your Company's XBRL Filings

    Financial & Regulatory Disclosure | Regulatory Disclosure | Capital Transactions | Regulatory Disclosure for Investment Management Companies | Regulatory Disclosure for Corporations | Merrill Bridge®

    Howard Kaplan, a data analyst for the Center for Risk and Quantitative Analysis in the SEC's Division of Enforcement, recently answered questions about his team's work and the role of structured data.


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  • 06/01/2017

    White Paper

    Relieving the Burden of Fact Sheet Creation

    Financial Services Marketing & Communications | Merrill Connect®

    Learn how you can save significant time and money by automating the creation, production and distribution of your fact sheets and other marketing documents through an intelligent dynamic publishing platform.


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