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Email Sales

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Sales, Marketing & Communications

Drive customer engagement and streamline targeted communications securely and accurately. Stay ahead of evolving requirements of the financial services, health insurance fields and other industries. Exceed sales goals and boost productivity by connecting your sales and marketing teams to customers across all devices.


Capture opportunities and streamline key processes

  • Financial Services Marketing & Communications

    Improve outcomes by connecting targeted messages with each customer to drive client engagement. Better engage with your audience and grow your business with our automated, integrated solution. 

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  • Healthcare Member Communications

    With Merrill as the backbone of your marketing ecosystem, create, manage and distribute accurate and compliant healthcare communications and gain a holistic view of all of your member communications. 

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Merrill Development

Merrill Connect

Achieve speed, scale and accuracy with our industry-leading secure technologies.

Leverage our single, end-to-end platform to create communications that are both compliant and personal. Store, organize and manage marketing content for easy search, access and distribution.

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