Corporate Finance

Business success hinges on your ability to provide corporate financial information and stakeholder communications securely, accurately and with all due speed—even as you keep costs in check for every single report, regulatory filing or multi-channel communication you produce.


Capture opportunities and streamline key processes

  • M&A, Reorganizations & Exchange Offers

    Efficiently execute a successful transaction with our end-to-end suite of services, from due diligence and regulatory disclosure support to document formatting and distribution—print or digital. 

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  • Capital Transactions

    Streamline your capital-raising event and bring precision and accuracy to regulated disclosure with Merrill’s global network of experts, deep industry knowledge and award-winning technology. 

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  • Regulatory Disclosure

    Successfully navigate the complexity of ever-changing regulatory requirements with Merrill’s comprehensive suite of services—from content management and collaboration to EDGAR and XBRL filing. 

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Achieve speed, scale and accuracy with our industry-leading secure technologies

  • Handle transactions quickly and cost-effectively with our award-winning virtual data room (VDR), which provides secure simultaneous access, full-text search capabilities and robust reporting tools.

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  • Unlock productivity with our end-to-end, secure, SaaS platform, which makes regulatory filing faster, easier and more accurate, generating precise EDGAR and XBRL disclosures—automatically.

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  • Generate content in real time and ensure the most up-to-date disclosure with Merrill Connect Dynamic Publishing. Track all work for a clean audit trail and eliminate EDGAR and XBRL charges.

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Insights and Analysis

Recommended insights for corporate finance professionals

  • Blog

    A digital transformation needed for Oil & Gas sector
    • Nav Dhillon, Merrill Corporation
    • Jan 16, 2018

    As the agenda in the developed world begins to shift under increasing public pressure to acknowledge and react to environmental concerns, the Oil & Gas industry sees itself facing many challenges and increasing opportunities.


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  • Blog

    What to expect for M&A in 2018
    • Felicia Asiedu, Merrill Corporation
    • Jan 15, 2018

    M&A activity at the start of 2017 was lacklustre and, although momentum picked up towards the end of the year, global M&A volumes were at their lowest since 2013. Despite this, rumours and announcements of high-profile acquisitions, rising deal values and an increase in strategic acquisitions made 2017 a banner year for M&A activity and gave investors, consumers and journalists plenty to talk about.


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  • White Paper

    Cutting a deal: How secure information flow is integral to a successful startup and venture capital partnership
    • Jan 11, 2018

    Be it professional or personal, a good partnership stems from good communication. Thanks to Merrill's DataSite virtual data room (VDR) solution, opportunity for effective dialogue is never out of reach, enabling your most lucrative deals every chance to blossom.

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