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Reduce deal complexity to spur progress using Merrill’s industry-leading technologies. From IPOs to mergers to regulatory disclosure, Merrill is your 24/7/365 partner in ensuring secure content sharing and collaboration as well as managing financial disclosure with precision and accuracy.


Capture opportunities and streamline key processes

  • M&A, Reorganizations & Exchange Offers

    Efficiently execute a successful transaction with our end-to-end suite of services, from due diligence and regulatory disclosure support to document formatting and distribution—print or digital. 

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  • Capital Transactions

    Streamline your capital-raising event and bring precision and accuracy to regulated disclosure with Merrill’s global network of experts, deep industry knowledge and award-winning technology. 

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  • Regulatory Disclosure

    Successfully navigate the complexity of ever-changing regulatory requirements with Merrill’s comprehensive suite of services—from content management and collaboration to EDGAR and XBRL filing. 

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  • Data Warehousing

    Organize, find and share your documents with our secure, sophisticated storage system, which transforms your paper and electronic files into a fully searchable, edit-enabled online library. 

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Achieve speed, scale and accuracy with our industry-leading secure technologies

  • Handle transactions quickly and cost-effectively with our award-winning virtual data room (VDR), which provides secure simultaneous access, full-text search capabilities and robust reporting tools.

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  • Unlock productivity with our end-to-end, secure, SaaS platform, which makes regulatory filing faster, easier and more accurate, generating precise EDGAR and XBRL disclosures—automatically.

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Insights and Analysis

Recommended insights for investment banking professionals

  • Blog

    'Disruption' Will Keep Providing Fuel to Tech M&A
    • John Shipman, Senior Financial Writer
    • Oct 06, 2017

    Disruption brought on by rapid changes in technology will keep the merger and acquisition wheels rolling. That is one of the clear expectations emanating from Merrill Corporation’s recent webinar, Executing Effective M&A: Opportunities in Technology.


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  • Brochure

    Improve Deal Readiness with Structured Asset Staging
    • Aug 17, 2017

    For private equity and corporate development professionals, timing is a major factor in the success of a divestiture or acquisition. When engaging a potential partner or target, your ability to privately share relevant, accurate information and perform discreet analysis of the opportunity is essential.


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  • Blog

    Investment Banks Quarterly Results Recap: A "Healthy" M&A Environment
    • John Shipman, Senior Financial Writer
    • Aug 14, 2017

    The quarterly consensus from executives at the world’s largest investment banks – and some smaller ones, too – is that the deal environment is “healthy,” if unspectacular in comparison to the previous two years, though a murkier timetable on expected tax reform and other policies could lurk as a potential drag.


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