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Merrill Direct

MerrillDirect has been updated! All of the content and information once found on can now be found on on the following pages. Please update your favorites accordingly.

SEC Resources -

Access the most current SEC disclosure regulations, rules and FAQs. On this page you will find information provided from the SEC, related to Rules, Regulations, Guidance, FAQs and more.

SEC EDGAR Resources -

View the latest SEC EDGAR filing requirements, forms and guidelines. On this page you will find the following information:

  • General EDGAR Company Filing Information;
    • Getting Started with EDGAR Filings - assistance with the Form ID and resetting codes
    • Helpful EDGAR information including the Filer Manual, Support Hours, Updating EDGAR Company Data, DRS Dissemination Instructions, Instructions to access EDGAR Fee Information and more.
  • SEC EDGAR Filing Guidance;
    • Helpful guidance regarding SEC filings regarding HTML, graphics and more.
    • Merrill’s client worksheets

XBRL Resources -

Review the most up-to-date interactive data disclosure rules for SEC filings. Find the following resources on this page:

  • General XBRL Filing Information, including links to the SEC’s Office of Structured Disclosure and Staff Interpretations.
  • XBRL Validation and Taxonomy Information.

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