Sales Enablement

Connect your sales and fulfillment cycle across all devices to deliver personalized communications and exceed sales goals.

Convert prospects with Merrill's sales management software by making it easy to access the marketing content your internal teams and sales group need in real time. Merrill Connect lets you store, organize, manage and distribute content for easy search, access and distribution.

Equip your sales team with the sales enablement tools to proactively engage and build loyalty among your clients.

Engage your customers more extensively and personally with content that’s tailored to each client’s demographic, needs and interests. Whether it’s newsletters, event flyers or market outlooks, the Merrill Connect sales management software has the campaign solutions and email marketing tools to give you an easy and automated way to access relevant content that will extend your reach, accelerate your time to market and keep you in front of your clients anywhere, any time.

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Give your sales team the insight and support they need to drive enrollment and help members make smart plan choices.

Earn the trust of prospects and build loyalty among members with personalized, timely communications using Merrill’s single-source marketing platform. From newsletters and event flyers to timely updates on upcoming regulation and plan changes, Merrill Connect's sales enablement tool provides complete access to a fully compliant and accurate library of content across multiple devices. Instantly call up and distribute only the material that’s most relevant to your members.

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Merrill Technology

Merrill Connect

Secure sales with personalized, compliant communications designed and delivered with Merrill's sales enablement tools.

Connect your team, customers and content anywhere, any time. Merrill Connect provides a single, automated platform that makes your workflow for composing, managing and distributing personalized communications and marketing efficient and easy.

  • Efficient content reuse, real-time revisions and version control
  • Outreach tools make it easy to stay in touch with customers—with one-time and ongoing communications
  • Centralized repository allows you to store, manage and order all of your marketing resources for your sales event

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