Customer Communication

Engage customers with personalized, interactive experiences that improve outcomes—and meet regulatory requirements.

Build and maintain customer relationships with personalized and precise communications created, managed and delivered on Merrill's fully integrated marketing platform. Merrill Connect ensures accuracy and compliance in every communication.

Deliver communications that captivate customers with a targeted, compliant marketing strategy.

Differentiate your content from those of other asset managers, insurance and retirement plan providers, reinforcing your unique brand messages and investment themes. Merrill Connect supplies you with technology-forward solutions to help you stay in touch, personalize messages and create interactive experiences that drive client engagement. Our end-to-end marketing platform also tracks audience activity so that you can better tailor future communications based on their past behavior.

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Maximize member satisfaction by delivering accurate, personalized member communications.

Create engaging health and wellness materials and incentive programs to help your members make proactive health decisions. With Merrill Connect, you can automate your entire workflow from data compilation through production and distribution of communications such as employee assistant programs, condition care kits and wellness newsletters—all while ensuring accuracy and compliance so that your documents meet established regulatory SLA timelines and mandates as well as audit requirements.

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Merrill Technology

Merrill Connect

Deliver personalized, cost-effective, compliant communications with Merrill's forward-thinking technology.

Connect your team, customers and content anywhere, any time. Merrill Connect provides a single, automated platform that makes your workflow for composing, managing and distributing personalized communications and marketing efficient and easy.

  • Efficient content reuse, real-time revisions and version control
  • Create personalized multi-channel campaigns—from email marketing to direct mail
  • Regularly updated, shared templates help automate document creation
  • Built with the highest levels of security to ensure compliant communications

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