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Create personalized, engaging marketing communications that differentiate you from your competitors.

Deliver the right message to the right audience at the right time. With complete accuracy and transparency. Merrill Connect—the innovative, integrated multi-channel communication management and delivery solution—makes communications compliant and personal.

Save Time and Money with Merrill

This calculator simulates the potential savings you could realize by utilizing Merrill Connect ® Dynamic Publishing for your ANOC/EOC's.

Merrill Connect Dynamic Publishing has been optimized for plans that manage more than 4 EOCs annually.

I manage EOC versions today.

Merrill can reduce your costs by up to 33% annually with the most powerful ANOC/EOC Publishing Tool on the market. Talk to one of our experts today.

Current Process
Merrill Connect
Dynamic Publishing
Annual Savings
Cost Analysis
Manpower Analysis

Images above are for illustrative purposes only, each manpower Illustration represents 1000 hours.

How was this calculated?

Deliver precise, personalized and compliant brand communications that will expand your financial services client base.

Communicate with financial services customers using their preferences. Exceed expectations during their buying journey. All while maintaining compliance and staying cost effective. The Merrill Connect cross-channel collaboration platform allows you to compose, manage and distribute regulated marketing content—fact sheets, enrollment kits, proposals and pitchbooks—with enhanced targeting and segmentation capabilities that ensure you reach your clients and prospects with precision and accuracy.

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Ensure efficiency and absolute accuracy in personalized, compliant healthcare communications.

Drive engagement among prospects and address member needs with targeted, one-to-one communications. Our fully integrated marketing platform, Merrill Connect, provides a holistic solution that helps you communicate faster, smarter and more efficiently. Partner with Merrill to ensure the accuracy of your data and time to market when creating, producing and distributing HIPAA/PHI-compliant pre- and post-enrollment communications such as welcome kits, pre-enrollment forms and ANOCs.

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Merrill Technology

Merrill Connect

Power the success of your marketing communications with Merrill's integrated, end-to-end solution.

Connect your team, customers and content anywhere, any time. Merrill Connect provides a single, automated platform that makes your workflow for composing, managing and distributing personalized, compliant communications efficient and easy.

  • Leverage up-to-date customer data from your CRM or other data source
  • Efficient content reuse from multiple sources, real-time revisions and version control
  • Create personalized multi-channel campaigns from email marketing to direct mail
  • Shared templates help automate document creation

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