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What Is a Virtual Data Room (VDR)?

A virtual data room (VDR) is a highly secure online repository for storing, managing, collaborating on and distributing highly sensitive data and documents. It offers a highly efficient method of sharing critical business information. Key parties can access relevant documentation within seconds, from anywhere around the world, reducing cost and increasing the speed of a transaction.

Used by corporate sellers and buyers, private equity firms, lawyers and financial advisors, VDRs can be used to securely share information in a variety of transactions that require due diligence, including mergers, acquisitions and disposals, IPOs and secondary offerings, asset purchases, liquidations and bankruptcies.

Virtual data rooms give the VDR content owner complete control over access, viewing, copying, printing and downloading critical business information; user permissions can be changed instantly as a deal progresses.

Unlike a conventional, physical data room, VDRs remove the hassle of travel to a physical location and coordination among key stakeholders, enabling users worldwide to participate in the due diligence process simultaneously, greatly increasing the number of potential bids.

How Can Merrill Help?

Our award-winning VDR, Merrill DatasiteOne, is backed by the global expertise to meet rapidly changing needs. Our easy-to-use upload tool and around-the-clock project management team can have your custom VDR ready in less than two hours. What this means is you can exponentially improve collaboration. Find what you need faster. Conduct due diligence for IPOs, mergers or acquisitions. Handle bankruptcy filings with speed, airtight security and 100% accuracy. Create critical document repositories, and manage intellectual property and assets with precision and confidence.

Merrill DatasiteOne

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