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What Is Section 508 Compliance?

As part of the US Rehabilitation Act, Section 508 outlines responsibilities for access to people with disabilities. According to Section 508 guidelines, federal agencies and their contractors are required to make public documents accessible to people with physical, sensory or cognitive disabilities. This includes companies that provide goods and services to federal agencies and contractors, including healthcare providers and software companies.

Overlooking this requirement has serious consequences for companies that work with federal agencies or contractors. Filings that fail to include accessible documentation may be found non-compliant under US law, incurring penalties for the responsible companies. As a result, Section 508 compliance has emerged as a primary concern in preparation of PDF documentation intended for public release.

How Can Merrill Help?

The Merrill 508 PDF Compliance solution helps clients comply with Section 508 without jeopardizing accuracy or time to market. Our cutting-edge integrated solution offers the ability to convert large-volume projects faster and more efficiently than ever before, saving customers an average of 35% over manual processes. Whether your document is one page or hundreds of pages, your final PDF will deliver high-quality reading and navigation results that meet regulation compliance.

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