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What Is Regulation Fair Disclosure (FD)?

Regulation Fair Disclosure, also known as Regulation FD or Reg FD, requires that all publicly traded companies disclose material information to all investors simultaneously. Intended to quash selective disclosure where typically large institutional investors would receive key market information before other smaller, individual investors, Regulation FD makes communication between companies and investors more transparent, frequent and timely.

The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) proposed Reg FD in December 1999 due to individual investor demand for even more access to material information. This demand was a result of increasing access and usage of the Internet and the rise of online discount brokers—both of which enabled individual investors to research and trade stocks on their own. Despite protests from large institutional investors, the SEC enacted Regulation FD in October 2000. 

The majority of financial information is disclosed in press releases, conference calls, webcasts and via company websites. In April 2013, the SEC announced that companies could also employ social media to share information as long as certain requirements around notifying investors and ensuring unrestricted access were met.

How Can Merrill Help?

With nearly 50 years of global regulatory experience, and as one of the first companies to actively engage with the XBRL filing program, Merrill is uniquely qualified to help filers worldwide successfully navigate ever-changing global compliance requirements. With Merrill, you can manage regulatory disclosures with absolute security, precision and accuracy.

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