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What Is Periodic & Interim Reporting?

Periodic and interim reporting is the practice of providing company performance reports for periods shorter than a fiscal year, such as monthly, quarterly or semi-annual reports. Known as periodic reports, interim reports or interim statements, these updates provide important company information between annual reporting periods.

To help protect investors and keep the public informed, regulations typically require public companies to submit company performance reports more than once a year. Although interim reports are not usually audited, companies must review them to ensure accuracy and distribute them in a timely manner. 

Publicly held companies in the US are usually subject to interim reporting requirements, including filing quarterly reports with Form 10-Q in addition to annual reports with Form 10-K. Quarterly reports usually include a balance sheet, income statement and statement of cash flows. 

When public companies in the US make important announcements such as an executive leadership change or bankruptcy, they may also be required to file a current report with Form 8-K. Foreign companies operating in the US may be required to report corporate news and press releases with Form 6-K.


How Can Merrill Help?

With nearly 50 years of SEC compliance experience, and as one of the first companies to actively engage with EDGAR and the XBRL mandate, Merrill is uniquely qualified to help filers worldwide successfully navigate ever-changing SEC requirements. Merrill helps you draft, format, perfect, file and deliver your financial documents and shareholder communications with absolute security, precision and accuracy.

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