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What Is Form 10-Q?

Form 10-Q is a performance report that public companies are required to file with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) on a quarterly basis for the first three quarters of the fiscal year. In accordance with The Securities Exchange Act of 1934, it provides investors with an ongoing, comprehensive view of a company’s financial position during the year, including unaudited financial statements.

Form 10-Q offers similar information to the annual Form 10-K—filed after the fourth fiscal quarter—but is normally unaudited and in less detail. Each quarterly report generally compares the prior quarter to the current one, and the same quarter last year to the current one. 

A company’s Form 10-Q must be provided to any shareholder upon request, though 10-Qs are usually made available on the website of larger companies in the Investor Relations or similarly termed section. All Form 10-Qs filed with the SEC are also publicly available on the SEC’s online EDGAR (Electronic Data Gathering, Analysis and Retrieval) system.

How Can Merrill Help?

With nearly 50 years of SEC compliance experience, and as one of the first companies to actively engage with EDGAR and the XBRL mandate, Merrill is uniquely qualified to help filers worldwide successfully navigate ever-changing SEC requirements. With Merrill, you can manage regulated disclosure with absolute security, precision and accuracy.

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