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Current Trends and Outlook for M&A and Private Equity

Merrill Webinar Playback

After a record-breaking 2015 which saw an unprecedented $4.28 trillion worth of global dealmaking activity, many predicted that 2016 would be an equally strong year for M&A. On August 30, 2016 Merrill Corporation brought together a group of professionals in the M&A arena to discuss current deal-making trends as well as share their outlook on private equity and valuation of deals for the remainder of the year.

This esteemed panel of experts discussed their insights on how the outcome of the election could affect tax on carried interest, international trade, equitizing deals, and the higher valuation in selling as opposed to an IPO. In addition they deliberated that it is a sellers’ market and buyers need to justify disparity to avoid any anti-trust implications and while the weak pound could attract opportunistic global buyers in search of cheap assets, continental European companies will take advantage of the Brexit effect on the market as opposed to US companies – particularly private equity firms, who currently have $971 billion of “dry powder” at their disposal.

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