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Corporate Finance and Growth after the Brexit Vote – A UK M&A Playbook

Corporate Finance and Growth after the Vote – A UK M&A Playbook

“We all have a role to play in providing substance, themes and evidence to what Government needs to know about a particular area, to help them out with their policy making and to balance out the trade-offs they have to make across various interests.”

     - Jeffries Briginshaw, CEO of the BritishAmerican Business

Your M&A Playbook to Navigate Brexit 

Download this exclusive playbook now to glean insights on the state of present deal making in the UK and what those at the heart of the industry have to say about positioning business for growth in 2017.

Get actionable recommendations on preparing for a “hard” Brexit and how to be heard in a time of uncertainty.


  • 5 crucial steps to achieve financial leadership, in a post-Brexit environment.
  • Key insights from a “Task Force faculty” of top finance, policy, trade and business leaders.
  • The views of more than 1000 corporate finance professionals, in over 63 countries.
  • Which sectors will be most affected by Brexit and which body gained an 80% vote of confidence in influencing the outcome of M&A.
  • Current M&A deal volumes and values across EMEA year-to-date and predictions for announced M&A deals in Q1 2017.

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