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Survival Guide to Post-M&A Contract Management

How to proactively handle the influx of legacy contracts post-merger is explained in Acquired Contracts Create Urgent Needs.

Contract managers inherit thousands of unfamiliar documents almost overnight after a merger or acquisition, according to Acquired Contracts Create Urgent Needs, produced by Merrill Corporation. Contract managers have to come up to speed on contract details instantly or risk missing key deadlines. Learn how to identify important contract details that may have been overlooked during due diligence—including common issues that need to be prioritized for immediate action. Discover how to get contracts into a system quickly, and implement a four-step plan to relieve the burden of reactive content management.

What’s covered:

  • Content management system map, showing stressors with reactive approach and efficiencies achieved with automation features
  • System integration plan, including four-step plan for data migration and system checklist for scalable contract management

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