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Security Risks in Internet of Things Require New Standards, Investments and Avatars within Five Years

Current $3 trillion cyber security costs won't cover 50 billion connected devices by 2020, as reported in The M&A Advisor Symposium on Cyber Security and the Internet of Things.

More than six billion devices already connected to the Internet are stretching cyber-security capacity, according to The M&A Advisor Symposium Report on Cyber Security and the Internet of Things, presented by Merrill Corporation. To accommodate an additional 44 billion connected devices by 2020, experts say companies must set standards, increase investments and introduce avatar-based authentication. Find out how industries can gain 50% greater transaction processing efficiency with IoT cyber-security initiatives—including commercial airlines, which currently take up to 35 days to process payments. Learn how one former Soviet republic is now conducting 90% of government business securely online, and how secure payment systems are pioneered by an unlikely leader in cyber security: Afghanistan.

What's covered:

  • Symposium session video covering key first steps and pioneering initiatives to improve security within the IoT
  • Exclusive video interviews with participating cyber security experts

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