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SEC Filings of IFRS XBRL Financials Webinar Playback

Top experts discuss and review the recent SEC XBRL filings submitted by IFRS Foreign Private Issuers in this playback of the recent webcast, "SEC Filings of IFRS XBRL Financials". Lou Rohman and Bartek Czajka examine common IFRS XBRL issues, focusing on helping all filers improve their XBRL-tagged financials. This no-nonsense webinar helps IFRS XBRL filers “get it right” and reduce the risk from XBRL financials that are now publicly available.

Topics Covered:

  • Observations from industry experts about recent IFRS XBRL filings

  • Common IFRS XBRL problems that many companies are unaware of

  • How to improve the XBRL filing and reduce non-compliance risk

  • Consequences of submitting sub-standard quality XBRL to the SEC

  • Upcoming changes that will impact every company’s XBRL financials

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