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Relieving the Pain of ANOC and EOC: Streamline Document Creation and Reduce Costs

The traditional ANOC and EOC processes entail a great deal of work (at great cost), present numerous opportunities for error and threatens a high cost for those errors. Leveraging an advanced, dynamic publishing platform can immediately ease this burden, with real impacts that will continue to grow year-over-year.

Relieve the Pain of ANOC and EOC

Intelligent dynamic publishing platforms leverage forward-thinking technology that empowers health insurers to work smarter, not harder. These platforms connect CMS model document structures with web-based plan data management to automate model document creation, streamline review cycles and help ensure the accuracy of personalized documents.

  • Mitigate burden of model document creation for internal staff
  • Generate initial ANOC and EOC proofs significantly faster
  • Reduce model document templates and simplify document proofing
  • Simplify year-over-year changes
  • Minimize review cycles
  • Ensure accuracy and mitigate delivery risks
  • Drive operational efficiencies, cost savings and increased ROI

­Download the free report now to read how you can save significant time and money by automating creation, production and distribution of your communications so you can focus on healthier outcomes.

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