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Record Month Pushes Q1 M&A Activity over $294B—Highest Total on Record

The biggest deals and players are covered in the March 2015M&A Advisor League Table for APAC, including Japan.

See data for the month’s most successful 25 advisors and five largest deals for APAC with Japan in the March 2015 M&A Advisor League Table for APAC, by Thomson Reuters with Merrill Corporation. This overview also gives you a closer look at the number one M&A advisor, overall M&A activity for the region and the biggest deal, which removed one corporation from the Milan stock exchange.

What’s covered:

  • Top 25 M&A financial advisors’ rank, rank value, market share and number of deals as of the end of March compared to the end of February
  • Top five M&A deals for March
  • M&A highlights and significant movements, with a closer look at the month’s top deal, leading financial advisor and total M&A activity for the region

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