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Private Equity Leads Middle East M&A Revival in 2015

In 2015, the MENA region announced deal volumes to hit US$142 billion by October 11 - a 26% rise on the full-year figure and the highest deal tally since the peak of 2007.

International private equity firms are leading a revival in M&A volume in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA), but the outlook is uncertain against a backdrop of lower liquidity, lower oil prices and a rise in geopolitical tensions. Activity in the MENA region has reflected an uptick in deal-flow globally, where a number of cross-border mega-deals have powered M&A to a new record. The global M&A boom has been dominated by a number of mega-cap, cross-border buyers, but in the MENA region, one company accounted for virtually all of the rise in activity levels in 2015. Find out which company is driving the majority of M&A activity in the Middle East and learn about the impact lower oil prices and geopolitics have had on private equity portfolios in the International Financing Review MENA Regional M&A Report 2015 produced by Thomson Reuters with Merrill DataSite.

What’s covered:

  • Top MENA M&A advisors in 2015 vs. 2014
  • Top 15 MENA M&A deals and their value in US$bn
  • Announced M&A deals in 2015 by region and country in the Middle East and North Africa

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