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Plan, Launch and Complete a Successful IPO

With predictions for a healthy return of the technology and life sciences IPO markets, Merrill Corporation brings you the Guide to the Initial Public Offering, which covers the most important aspects of planning, launching and completing a successful IPO.

After several difficult years that followed the collapse of the financial services industry in 2008, the IPO market appears to be reviving. A number of high-profile technology IPOs from Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Box and Square have littered the landscape over the past several years. That said, the JOBS Act of 2012, while providing “emerging growth companies” with a number of accommodations for structuring and executing a successful initial public offering, has also allowed private companies to significantly raise their number of stockholders without having to go public. At the same time, the private market for raising capital has grown increasingly active. As a result, 2015 was a tepid market for technology IPOs. However, a healthy return of the technology IPO market is expected over the next several years. The life sciences industries should also see some healthy IPO activity. Given this development, Merrill Corporation has published an updated Guide to the Initial Public Offering to provide an overview of the most important aspects of planning, launching and completing a successful IPO.

What's covered:

  • Pre-IPO decision—what are the prerequisites to an IPO as well as the costs and benefits around deciding to undertake an IPO
  • IPO process—a view of the players involved, what’s involved from structuring to due diligence to drafting, filing and submitting your registration statement as well as what happens post-filing
  • Consequences of becoming a public company—including the public disclosure obligations around reporting, corporate governance requirements and the liquidity of stockholders

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