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M&A Success Takes 15 Steps—Before the Deal Even Starts

Executing Effective M&A, Part 1 helps you get a leg up early in the process to ensure a successful deal.

M&A value creation begins up to 18 months before companies make a deal, according to Executing Effective M&A, Part 1, produced by Merrill DataSite. Companies make more attractive M&A prospects after completion of 15 action items, including due diligence team selection, asset packaging, documentation workflows, data testing and systems development. Learn how to tell when the timing is right for a deal—and how to avoid common due diligence process missteps that can kill deals. Discover how to assess and address M&A interests and concerns via a secure virtual data room (VDR), for better deal communication and outcomes.

What’s covered:

  • Guide to successful due diligence, including the role of private equity firms
  • M&A pre-deal opening checklist, including 15 steps to success to take up to 18 months prior to deal start

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