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Keynote Conversation | Globalization and Cross-border M&A: The Engines of Economic Growth

Cross-border M&A is growing rapidly. Valuations are expected to meet or exceed that of domestic M&A in the United States in 2016. Gain insights and reflections about the market conditions causing cross-border M&A to flourish in this roundtable discussion with an esteemed panel of M&A experts.

The principle issues addressed in this report include:

• Deal cobblers versus momentum markets

• Gaining access to growth through cross-border deals

• Government and business collaboration in cross-border M&A

• Generalizations: Old Europe bureaucratic; new Europe entrepreneurial

• Changing Cultures: Old school and new school in tech and telecom

Experts suggest companies must look for global partners or acquisition targets to meet their goals for growth. Stay on pace with the global outlook at M&A and get world class advice for cross-border deal making with this keynote conversation, produced in partnership with the M&A Advisor.

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