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How to Add Value to Your Portfolio Companies

The Private Equity Lifecycle, Part 3 helps identify top opportunities to maximize portfolio value, appeal to investors and reach your valuation goals.

Third in the four-part Private Equity Lifecycle series, this part focuses on key strategies that leading private equity firms are deploying to create value in their portfolio companies. It underscores the importance of assessing and pursuing not only a portfolio company’s internal value creation opportunities, but also external value creation—when, where and how to build value for a portfolio in the marketplace. It takes a look at technology to leverage, with tools like data analytics, to streamline and enhance the value creation process. This installment also includes a bonus case study showing how one PR campaign led to reports that a financial technology company’s brand was a primary reason for the company’s high valuation.

What’s covered:

  • Four components of successful value creation
  • Four best practices to create a good PR and branding strategy
  • Example checklist of key “difference makers” that can drive revenue growth

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