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Find Your Optimal Balance between Insourcing and Outsourcing XBRL

Determine the best approach for your company to ensure the accuracy of your XBRL instance document—Insource, Outsource, or In-Between? How to Choose the Optimal Approach to XBRLPreparation for Your Company—and Why It Matters.

File accurate, SEC-compliant financial statements in XBRL on time and cost efficiently by identifying the right resources to handle the job. This white paper dispels the common misconception that a company must prepare XBRL files either wholly in-house (with a web-based provider) or completely outsourced to a service provider. It also helps you figure out where your company should lie on the continuum from insource to outsource and, if you do outsource, how to select the best external support.

What’s covered:

  • Insourced, outsourced and hybrid XBRL-filing models
  • Risks and benefits of each model
  • How to choose the right model and support for your company

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