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Curioisity, Logic & Persistence: How Due Diligence Unlocks a Deal's True Value - Fifth Edition, Chapter 4

Our latest chapter release, “Curiosity, Logic and Persistence: How Due Diligence Unlocks A Deal’s True Value,” from the 5th edition of the Best Practices of The Best Dealmakers series, “Dealing with the CEO,” we focus on the collaborative role of chief executives, corporate development executives and their advisors to compete in a complex global economy.

Best Practices of the Best Dealmakers Edition 5 Chapter 4

In this 4th Chapter, we explore the essential processes of due diligence and purchase price negotiations that are employed to ensure a proper valuation of the deal as it moves toward closing.

Learn more about:

  1. The Changing World of CEOs and Due Diligence

  2. Setting Expectations for Due Diligence and Price Negotiations

  3. Dealing with the Pressures of Time and Diligence

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