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After Tough Negotiations, the Real M&A Work Begins with Integration

A successful M&A transaction hinges on post-merger integration. Learn how to streamline the process in Executing Effective M&A, Part 3.

The main challenge of M&A isn't a tough negotiation but the complex post-merger integration phase, according to Executing Effective M&A, Part 3, produced by Merrill Corporation. Under pressure to deliver value post-merger, combined companies must confront key differences in IT systems, human resource management, internal communications and workplace culture. Learn how timely, consistent information brings a merged company up to speed to deliver on deal promises—and which common communication pitfalls can derail operations. Discover how to get global integration teams on the same page, sharing mission-critical information via secure virtual data room (VDR).

What’s covered:

  • Post-deal due diligence, including red flags and course corrections
  • Integration plan best practices and technology solutions

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