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Advising the Ultimate Leaders: The CEO and the ever-growing complexity surrounding dealmaking - Fifth Edition, Chapter 1


In this introductory chapter of Best Practices of the Best Dealmakers Edition 5, the stage is set for leading CEOs to discuss the increasing complexity of their roles in regards to dealmaking.

Dealmakers have the unique challenge of leading complex corporate strategic transactions while advising ultimate leaders – CEOs of large companies. This challenge can be recognized with regards to three business areas, which are discussed in this chapter.

  • Leadership Theory – the unique blend of tasks and traits that typify successful CEOs.
  • Market Forces and Current Dynamics - Advising the CEO in an era of shifting understandings of leadership and global factors.
  • Practice: Deal Makers and Their CEO Clients - The dynamics affecting success in the C-suite relating to success in deal making.

There’s never been a more crucial time for dealmakers to comprehend the ever growing complexity of the CEO.

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