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Securing M&A Success Due Digigence in the Global Marketplace - Forth Edition, Chapter 4

Unlock the value of the deal and achieve the optimal purchase price with proven strategies of leading M&A practitioners in “Securing M&A Success: Due diligence in the global marketplace.”

Gain a better understanding of the growing importance of the due diligence process, the writing of the purchase agreement—which is the most important record of the transaction, and the closing of the deal in what’s said to be a seller’s market, following the robust mergers and acquisitions activity in 2014 and 2015. The last quarter surge in M&A activity in 2015—reaching a record high of $4.6 trillion—might be difficult to top with the period of global market volatility that ushered in 2016. That said, M&A dealmakers are expected to use this period of uncertainty to evaluate and retool their strategies for maximizing value in the global economy. Series four, chapter four of the ebook Best Practices of the Best Dealmakers, presented by Merrill Corporation and The M&A Advisor shares the expertise of professionals from advisory to legal, accounting to investment banking, and private equity to corporate when it comes to due diligence as it affects integration, transaction structuring and/or risk. You’ll also find helpful observations and insights from professionals in the insurance industry, which has developed rep and warranty insurance, a new product that’s rapidly gaining traction in M&A (as well as spurring an interesting new career path for some M&A lawyers).

What’s covered:

  • Interviews with leading dealmakers, including buyers, sellers and advisors
  • Deal notes covering the due diligence practices of Colfax Corporation, a diversified global manufacturing and engineering company
  • Liabilities and risks involved in the deal-making process
  • Top five uses of rep and warranty insurance as well as additional scenarios where the insurance might apply

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