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Regulatory Disclosure for Corporations

Simplify logistics and minimize risk in regulatory filing and periodic reporting.

Tap into Merrill’s world-class technology solutions and nearly 50 years of industry experience to meet ever-changing disclosure requirements. Merrill helps you draft, format, perfect, file and deliver your financial documents and shareholder communications—including 10-Ks, 10-Qs, 8-Ks and proxy statements—with speed, airtight security and 100% accuracy.

The Challenge

Regulatory bodies require you to accurately manage and file complex disclosure documents on tight deadlines, or face serious financial and legal consequences.

You need an industry-leading solution that ensures you:

  • Meet deadlines set forth by the SEC and other regulatory bodies
  • Avoid document production and filing errors
  • Have processes that are efficient and flexible leading to increased productivity
  • Mitigate costs arising from mistakes and inefficiencies
  • Stay on top of evolving regulatory and compliance requirements

The Merrill Solution

From perfecting disclosure content and precise filing with global regulatory bodies, to world-class print and distribution, Merrill secures your critical documents on time and error-free.

  • Improved efficiencies

    Whether you’re producing a periodic report, annual report or proxy statement, count on Merrill to improve efficiencies, reduce risk and drive business success.

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  • Compliant document formatting

    Merrill can typeset to all required formats including SEC-compliant outputs, customized corporate identity layouts and every underwriter style.

  • Integrated print and delivery workflow

    Merrill produces large volumes of documents with quick turnaround in print or electronic format and seamlessly delivers to any global location.

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  • Accuracy with every filing

    Produce error-free, consistent and reliable tagged data and verify that EDGAR and XBRL content are identical prior to filing with Merrill’s deep expertise.  

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  • Unparalleled expertise

    Backed by nearly 50 years of industry experience, Merrill’s professional services team works one on one with you to ensure compliance with disclosure requirements visible today, and coming tomorrow.

  • SEDAR specialists

    As an original adopter and tester of SEDAR, Merrill also specializes in CDS submission standards and stays apprised of regulatory changes to ensure error-free filing.

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  • Proactive support

    Rely on Merrill’s 24/7/365 support for your time-sensitive disclosure events—our expert team is ready to handle any last-minute changes.

  • Efficient Section 16 filings

    Streamline compliance with Section 16 by electronically filing Forms 3, 4 or 5 on Merrill’s secure, web-based, self-service platform, Section16Direct.

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  • Stylized proxy statements

    Use Merrill Bridge to draft, collaborate on, review and perfect your proxy statements, file them with the SEC, and print and distribute as shareholder requirements dictate.

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Before Merrill Bridge, rolling forward was a manual process. Going from one 10-Q to another took at least a day. Now it takes about 30 minutes.”


Jeffrey Albus | Manager of Financial Reporting

Merrill Technology

Merrill Bridge

Unlock productivity with Merrill's intuitive technology, which makes regulatory filing faster, easier and more accurate.

Gain complete control over your financial disclosure and SEC reporting with our end-to-end, secure, SaaS platform. Built on the Microsoft® Office® suite, Merrill Bridge allows you to easily and swiftly deliver regulatory disclosures, error-free.

  • Linked data ensures edits made in one place are updated through all of your documents
  • Multi-user collaboration tools let your entire workgroup edit, comment, track changes and perfect content
  • Industry-leading XBRL CPA and EDGAR filing experts
  • Rigorous security with Merrill's ISO/IEC 27001 certification

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