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Unlock productivity when conducting your M&A or other transaction by partnering with Merrill.

When it comes to an acquisition, divestiture, merger, privatization, bankruptcy, exchange offer, reorganization, spin-off or tender offer, look to proven partner Merrill to expertly execute your transaction from start to finish. With nearly 50 years of global experience, Merrill has the expertise, technology and services to handle any transaction with speed, accuracy and ironclad security.

The Challenge

Without the right tools and processes in place, you’re exposed to risks, including costly delays, compromised security, legal exposure and regulatory violations.

You need an industry-leading, end-to-end solution that will help you eliminate:

  • Increased risk and work associated with multiple vendor sourcing
  • Lapses in control of confidential information
  • Missing, disorganized or inaccessible information resulting in missed deal opportunities and a lack of transparency
  • Re-work and version control errors leading to extended document review cycles and missed filing deadlines
  • Regulatory and legal compliance issues
  • Technical and service support problems
  • Hidden costs

The Merrill Solution

From due diligence and content management to document printing and distribution, Merrill can help you secure a successful transaction quickly and efficiently.

  • Unparalleled expertise

    Our talented in-house team’s experience with highly complex deals—with more than 35,000 M&A deals completed—helps you streamline due diligence and accelerate deal time.

  • Industry-leading security

    Merrill Bridge and ISO 27001-certified Merrill DatasiteOne are globally hosted solutions providing you with the performance and highly secure access you need, worldwide.

  • No hidden costs

    Merrill’s pricing is all-inclusive and fully transparent, unlike that of other providers. No surprise add-ons, zero hidden costs.

  • Unmatched service

    Merrill’s world-class service team is available 24/7/365, anywhere in the world to support your time-sensitive needs throughout the duration of your project.

  • Complete control of data

    Effectively manage content sharing and collaboration with award-winning virtual data room Merrill DatasiteOne and Merrill Bridge, our end-to-end disclosure management solution.

  • Deep experience

    With nearly 50 years of experience, Merrill can expertly handle the document hosting, formatting, printing and distribution of all of your confidential information.

Merrill offers an intuitive, flexible, robust and user-friendly data site that makes for a seamless transaction for both managers and users. The customer support team was professional, responsive and available 24/7/365, allowing our team to focus on executing the transaction at hand. It is because of the above that we continue to return to Merrill.”


Senior Director

Merrill Technologies

Take advantage of our highly secure, industry-leading Merrill technology to manage your complex content and communication needs.

  • Carry out your transaction quickly and cost effectively with our secure virtual data room. Provide fast, any-time access to critical documents for both buyers and sellers worldwide. And track the pages they’ve viewed or downloaded to demonstrate that proper disclosure was made on all levels.

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  • Gain complete control over your financial disclosure and SEC reporting requirements with our end-to-end, secure SaaS platform. Built on the Microsoft® Office® suite, Merrill Bridge unlocks productivity by allowing filers to draft, collaborate, perfect and distribute regulatory disclosure content.

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