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IPO & Equity Offerings

Leverage our proven set of disclosure solutions so your focus stays on your business and not on an all-too-complex paper trail.

Simplify the complexity of your IPO, secondary offering or follow-on offering with secure virtual data room (VDR) Merrill DatasiteOne. Then rely on Merrill Bridge to seamlessly transition from pre-deal document drafting and collaboration to post-deal SEC reporting, including EDGAR and XBRL. Merrill can format for any underwriter’s style, and print and distribute your documents worldwide.

The Challenge

An IPO or other equity offering can present endless challenges, diverting attention and resources from your core business.

You need a fully integrated solution that will address:

  • Complexity of capital transactions information management and documentation
  • Inefficiencies in workflow resulting in delays, increased costs and missed deadlines
  • Geographically dispersed internal/external teams
  • Complicated, time-consuming regulatory processes and requirements
  • Lack of fluency in XBRL and EDGAR leading to errors when filing
  • Varied underwriter style requirements

The Merrill Solution

Replace capital transaction complexity with progress leveraging Merrill’s deep industry knowledge and secure content sharing, collaboration, printing and distribution services.

  • Streamlined due diligence

    Multiple deal teams can easily access critical information anywhere, any time, on our secure, centralized, fully searchable virtual data room (VDR) Merrill DatasiteOne.

  • Enhanced collaboration

    Dispersed team members can work simultaneously from a single source to draft and perfect disclosure documents using familiar Microsoft® editing tools on Merrill Bridge.

  • Accurate, on-time SEC filings

    Merrill’s experts serve as a single point of contact, supporting effective coordination among all parties and guiding you through the SEC registration process.

  • Proprietary typesetting platform

    Each underwriter will require a specific style for your prospectus. Merrill can format to all required styles with the speed and accuracy to meet every deadline.

  • On-time delivery

    Merrill can quickly print and distribute your prospectus and shareholder communications, either electronically or printed, ensuring timely delivery and compliance every time.

  • Compliant EDGAR and XBRL

    Merrill’s experts ensure precise, error-free EDGAR filing and XBRL submissions. Merrill Bridge enables you to automatically generate and validate EDGAR and XBRL.

  • Global support

    Our multilingual team provides 24/7/365 assistance with local regulatory requirements, IPO/PLC readiness consulting and any last-minute needs.

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Merrill Technologies

Navigate your capital transaction's disclosure process with confidence by partnering with Merrill.

  • Gain complete control over your financial disclosure and SEC reporting requirements with our end-to-end, secure SaaS platform. Built on the Microsoft® Office® suite, Merrill Bridge unlocks productivity by allowing filers to draft, collaborate, perfect and distribute regulatory disclosure content.

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  • Carry out your transaction quickly and cost effectively with our secure virtual data room. Provide fast, any-time access to critical documents for both buyers and sellers worldwide. And track the pages they’ve viewed or downloaded to demonstrate that proper disclosure was made on all levels.

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