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Merrill Insight™ Video | Technology, Topography and Technocrats: Trends in Industrials M&A

Date: Dec 04, 2018
Time: 11 AM EST / 4 PM GMT
Venue: Webinar

Like the ocean, the industrials sector is vast and hosts a multitude of ecosystems, hidden valleys and obscured horizons that most never see or even imagine. Yet it permeates every place we go, every product we use and every assumption we make about modern life.

Now technology, a slow-falling meteor, has hit industrials with force, pushing entire ecosystems into tidal waves of change – and creating an exciting array of opportunities for hungry private equity and forward-looking corporates along the way.

Discuss the new topography of industrials M&A with panelists and peers on December 4 at 11 a.m. EST. As always, we will include live audience polling and ample time for audience Q&A to ensure we make the most of the allotted time. Topics include:

  • How technology is impacting industrials
  • Which areas are receiving the most interest and why
  • Deal structure and due diligence best practices
  • New trends such as shifts to reoccurring revenue models
  • Legal M&A considerations and best practice

Our panelists:

  • Steven Nielsen, Managing Director at Goldman Sachs
  • Biju Kurian, Director of Mergers & Acquisitions at Stifel
  • Clare O’Brien, Partner at Shearman & Sterling
  • Siobhan Sweeney-Cordova, EVP Global M&A at AIAC Group

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